Powered by flow-tools and SiLK

Advancing Network Traffic Situational Awareness

     FlowViewer provides a dynamic web front-end to two powerful open-source netflow data collector and analyzers, flow-tools and SiLK. FlowViewer provides the user with the ability to quickly extract network management information of interest from voluminous quantities of stored netflow data. The user can configure a Dashboard of continuously updating FlowTrackings to maintain a situational awareness of his organization's network traffic. All generated reports and filters can be saved for future application. FlowViewer consists of three primary tools: FlowViewer, FlowGrapher and FlowTracker. The user can switch between the tools preserving the previously specified filter.     

FlowViewer enables the user to create text based reports from filtered netflow data. Several different reporting formats are provided. Each of these reports can be sorted by column heading.

FlowGrapher enables the user to graph the bandwidth used by a filtered subset of netflow data during a specified time period. Resulting reports include the graph and a textual listing of the largest flows.

FlowTracker enables the user to maintain a long-term history of a particular traffic subset. FlowTrackings consist of five graphs of traffic over suceesive longer time periods: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Last 3 Years.

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